Hello, my name is Polina. I'm from Khabarovsk, Russia. But now i live in Moscow.
I'm 25 years old. In 2015 I graduated from the University with a bachelor degree in Architecture.

Since childhood I have been into applied art, so after the graduation from the university i keep working in this field. I had worked as a decorator in Show Club DOBERMAN for about 6 months. After leaving this place I decided to work for myself. I have made several weddings, showcases of shops, I was the decorator of the "Khlebnitsa" party created by online magazine HLEB.ASIA. Gradually I realized I wanted to improve my skills in floristics. I studied in the St. Petersburg workshop FLO TO GO for 4 weeks. After the course I got back to Khabarovsk and continued to work on the various projects.
For me, decor is something that should catch the eye of a person. It makes people charmed with an atmosphere that sets the mood for a particular event.Therefore, getting a technical task on the scenery, you need to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holiday and create exactly what the customer wants.
weddings decor
Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding. Where she is a princess, and her young man is a prince. I try to make a wedding like I'm doing myself.
I like to twist bouquets. I relax and soothe. The most impotant to hear what client want. And than do it.
The first festival that I had worked on was SEASONS PROJECT FESTIVAL.
It was something new in terms of emotions, because the amount of work was much more than i used to experience. The work had began just a month before the festival. It was decided to make the decor of natural wood materials.

I traveled many times to fields by a truck to pick up dry branches, find beautiful tall grass and then
to deliver them to my garage.
The garage was the place where me and my team had worked on the project. We were twisting, plaiting, dyeing and simply enjoying our favorite kind of work :)
Since the festival had a large children's area, in addition to the market, food court and lecture hall, it was necessary to come up with special decoration for children. But children do not need any backdrops for making photos for Instagram, so I came up with another idea.

I decided to cut different cute figures out of plywood, like birds, watering cans, nesting boxes, and other things. They stood along the territory perimeter. Crayons for coloring were laid nearby. Figures got colored by the end of the first festival day.

Festivals are hard enough, but after SEASONS PROJECT FESTIVAL, I realized that this is exactly what I would like to dedicate my work to.
I have known about #RLGN_MAGAZINE since my university days. I always thought that it would be not bad to work for the because the magazine's team did really cool things. And once I was finally invited to one of their projects, but unfortunately it was cancelled because of the technical reasons. Fortunately, very soon they suggested me to take part in their new project - BEAUTY FEST 2017. First of all, I would like to note that the festival was held on the roof of the building, where the weather conditions immediately changed, making the task pretty complicated. The wind increased, the sun burned strongly, luckily there was no burning asphalt underfoot :) The festival plan consisted of the fashion show of local brands and the beauty zone with different barbershops, plaiting braids, mehendi and so on. From me it was required to create various installations and photo areas for the partners of the event. In my opinion, Ioanna (organizer of BEAUTY FEST 2017 and editor-in-chief #RLGN_MAGAZINE) and I quickly got along with each other. She explained clearly enough what she wanted to see, showed me pictures, asked about my ideas how to bring all this into life, and so on. The preparations lasted for 4 weeks, and I worked at weddings at the same time. I still do not understand how we managed to do everything on time, but in the end we really did it!

Perhaps, the most popular series of festivals in our city. To begin with, the guys invited me as a decorator for the HUNGRY TOWN FESTIVAL. The task was fairly simple. They wished the decorations to be exciting, and the territory was smaller than at the previous events. So I gathered all the plywood figures from the warehouse and painted them as food with the help of my team. As for the entrance zone, I got my inspiration from the event's poster. This is how a tower decorated with a huge hamburger and a cactus appeared.
While working for the HUNGRY TOWN FESTIVAL, I was offered to decorate a new event - the "Autumn day", the next festival in THE DAYS series. I was given a technical assignment one month in advance, but had only a week to actually do the job. This happened because of the technical reasons and organizational difficulties. There were many surprises and circumstances to cope with right before the beginning of the event, but in the end everything went great. I guess, a long queue to the main photo zone (which was pretty large, bright and impressive) is a strong evidence of success.
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